Say Hello to the Converting Colors REST API [Update]

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For a long time, I already offered the possibility to download the conversions and harmonies via a JSON and XML URL. The Main Problem with this was that the URLs were not really developer-friendly.

Update 24.12.2019

The below text is outdated; please use the new REST API I provide via RapidAPI. This API offers the additional possibility to convert multiple colors at once and gives you an endpoint to check the WCAG color contrast for two Hex colors. Also, conversions and harmonies are now available in different endpoints, so you get only the data back you need.

I will disable the old on-site REST API by the end of January 2020.

So now, I replaced these old links with a REST API, which delivers you the same result.

Using the REST API

To use the REST API, just call with your source format and value. The value is actually depending on your color format. For Hex, Android, and Decimal, the value is a single string, but for the other formats, it is one value per Directory Level. So as an example with the source format RGB, it would be

The REST URLs mentioned above will return you a JSON string if you prefer XML then add the output format to the URL:

Samples will give you the following output:

  "conversions": {
    "Hex": "EEE3B0",
    "RGB": "238, 227, 176",
    "RGBPercent": "93%, 89%, 69%",
    "CMYK": "0.00, 0.05, 0.26, 0.07",
    "CMY": "0.0667, 0.1098, 0.3098",
    "HSV": "49Β°, 26%, 93%",
    "HSL": "49Β°, 65%, 81%",
    "CIELab": "89.98, -4.04, 26.31",
    "CIELCh": "90, 26.621, 98.737",
    "XYZ": "70.5655, 76.2499, 52.0728",
    "Yxy": "76.2499, 0.3548, 0.3834",
    "RYB": "189, 238, 176",
    "Android": "4293845936",
    "Decimal": "15655856",
    "YUV": "224.4750, -23.8982, 11.8614"
  "description": "",
  "harmonies": {
    "Analogous": ["FFDBB4","EEE3B0","D1EABA"],
    "Triad": ["EEE3B0","9CEFFF","FFD2F5"],
    "Complementary": ["EEE3B0","B0BBEE"],
    "Split Complementary": ["F0D9FF","EEE3B0","AEEAFF"],
    "Square": ["EEE3B0","A0F1E9","CEE2FF","FFD0DC"],
    "Rectangle": ["EEE3B0","BEEEC7","CEE2FF","FFD4FD"],
    "Sweetspot": ["EEE3B0","FFFBEB","EEB0BB","807D73","000000","808080"]

For XML check out yourself under

Converting Colors

Converting Colors allows you to convert between 17 different color formats like RGB, CMYK, HSV, HSL, CIELab, Android, Decimal, and YUV.

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