Color Tools and Apps

This page lists all color apps and tools provided by Converting Colors.

Base64 Encode and Decode
This tool enables you to convert text and images into Base64 and back.
A small calculator to calculate different versions of a hex color by adjusting the hue, saturation or lightness of the color.
Color Blender
Color Blender lets you blend two hex colors by defining the number of colors you want to see as steps in between.
CSS Formatter and Optimizer
Online CSS compressor and optimizer based on csstidy 1.5.7 that helps you minify and beautify your CSS files.
CSS Gradient Generator
With this tool, you can generate the CSS code for a linear gradient with up to five colors.
Extract Colors
This app extracts the most outstanding colors from an image.
Mass Conversion
With the following tool you can convert multiple color values from one color format to another.