Color Tools and Apps

This page lists all color apps and tools provided by Converting Colors.

🔠 Base64 Encode and Decode
This tool enables you to convert text and images into Base64 and back.
💻 Calculator
A small calculator to calculate different versions of a hex color by adjusting the hue, saturation or lightness of the color.
💻 Color Blender
Color Blender lets you blend two hex colors by defining the number of colors you want to see as steps in between.
🖌️ Color Bucket
The color bucket can contain a maximum of 10 colors and is used to auto-create color palettes for each of these colors based on the lightness.
🌓 Color Contrast Checker
The Color Contrast Checker shows you the contrast of two colors according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
🔣 CSS Formatter and Optimizer
Online CSS compressor and optimizer based on csstidy 1.5.7 that helps you minify and beautify your CSS files.
🌈 CSS Gradient Generator
With this tool, you can generate the CSS code for linear and radial gradients with up to five colors.
🔧 CSS Text Shadow Generator
The CSS Text Shadow Generator allows you to generate the CSS code for a text-shadow with up to six colors.
💻 Extract Colors
This app extracts the most outstanding colors from an image.
🤖 Mass Conversion
With the following tool you can convert multiple color values from one color format to another.
📕 PDF Generator
This tool allows you to generate a color information PDF with up to 25 colors.